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Where are we based?

Our premises are located just off Church Road, near Flimwell on the A21. We are easily accessible to all places in the South East of England.

If you wish to book your vehicle in for collection and restoration or repair then you can contact us in the following ways:

Telephone: 01892 890 857

Mobile: 0795 761 0898
              07410 549 414
              07410 549 415


Paintwork restoration - Kilndown, East Sussex - RM Classic Restorations - Wheels

Expert services for cars that deserve a little more care

A classic car is far more than just a machine; it is a link to the past with a history and heritage. Every classic car has a distinct and individual personality that is forged by a combination of the company that built it and the life it has lived.

Because of this we at RM Classic Restorations believe that classic cars need and deserve more than the minimum of service. These aren't cars that are just 'kept running' these are cars that must be preserved as examples of yesteryear, to bring happiness to those that drive them and excitement to those that see them out on the road.

Bodywork restoration - Kilndown, East Sussex - RM Classic Restorations - Car

What classic car services do we offer?

We offer almost any kind of service necessary to bring an ailing classic back to perfect, pristine condition.

Whether you need mechanical restoration, electrical restoration, interior restoration or body and paint work done we can provide you with a service that will not only get the job done, but leave you with a classic car that is in a condition as good as it ever was.

We even offer complete services to prepare a classic car for use in a historic or rally day. If you are planning a memorable day out with your car let us check everything over for you.