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Classic car paint and bodywork

The perfect finish

Of course, no matter how well a classic car runs, no matter how good the interior looks to the driver the job simply isn't complete until the exterior reflects this. At RM Classic Restorations we can make the looks match the heart.

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Body shell services

Your car's bodywork is its first stage in protection from the elements and it's a major point of structural strength.

To ensure that your car stays as structurally sound as it needs to be we offer you complete car body restoration. This can be as simple as dent or rust removal or as much as complete panel replacement. Whatever your car needs we will be able to provide.

Checks, tests and advice

At all points during your restoration we are available to give you any help and advice you might need.

If you are worried about the condition of your classic car's paint or bodywork then let us check it over. Since the body is the first part of the car that will receive any physical damage it's important that small problems are dealt with before they become big problems later on.

Paint renovation services

Over time paint will inevitably fade and scratch. Not only does this reduce the visual impact of the car, it exposes the metal of the body to weathering and corrosion.

To keep your classic car standing up against the elements and looking as good as possible we can offer you a complete paintwork restoration service to bring the car back to new, as if it had just left the factory.

To organise the restoration of your classic car's body or paintwork call us on 01892 890 857, 07410 549 414 or 07410 549 415