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Caring for classic cars, inside and out

Interior restoration services

What's the first thing that you think of with a well cared for classic car? Immaculate paint? Well shined chrome? What about fabric?

At RM Classic Restorations we don't forget about the interior. We want your car to look perfect from the inside out.

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Our classic car interior services include:

  • Upholstery restoration
  • Carpeting
  • Trim restoration
  • Dashboard renovation
  • Interior lighting
  • Leather
  • Seating
  • Wood panelling

Dashboard, seating and more

There are a great many different materials that make up the interior of a classic car, from antique woods to metals and early plastics. The dashboard, lighting and seats add yet more complexity. We are able to restore all of these materials and components to ensure that you can be proud of every inch of your car.

Classic car upholstery and fabrics

Much of the interior style and character of a classic car is defined by fabric and upholstery. Faded or frayed upholstery can lead to the interior looking drab and unwelcoming. At RM Classic Restorations we can give fabric, upholstery and leather the full treatment to bring it back to its original glory.

Is your classic outwardly stunning but inwardly drab? Call for interior restoration on 01892 890 857, 07410 549 414 or 07410 549 415

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